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Solar batteries

We have a wide range of batteries that can store energie from solar panels & windmills

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Traction batteries

For heavy industrial electrical applications

NiCd range

NiCd range

NiCd M-Series (Medium Discharge Rate Cells)
M-serie M-Series Medium Discharge Rate nickel cadmium battery is made of pocket plate. The battery is suitable for medium discharge periods between 30 minutes and 5 hours such as standby for UPS, gas turbine control. etc.

NiCd X-Series (Ultra High Discharge Rate Cells)
X-Series Ultra high Discharge Rate nickel cadmium battery is made of sintered plate, characterized by compact construction, low internal resistance, high reliability, high capacity, long service life and excellent low temperature performance. The battery is suitable for ultra high rate discharging such as automatic guided vehicles (AGV), engine starting, rolling stock, trucks, switch tripping and closing and any special purpose.